Terms and Conditions

By using our app you are agreeing to our terms and conditions stated below:

  • You allow us to collect anonymous telemetry metrics used solely for the sake of improving our products and services. Note that you can always disable telemetry at anytime by going into Main Menu > Settings > Privacy.

  • You allow us to show ads using AdMob. Note that you can always choose between Personalized and Non-Personalized ads in Main Menu > Settings > Privacy. Also you can remove all Ads by purchasing Remove Ads inside the app.

Uploading mods

  • Note that Game Modder and Public Cloud Mods exist to provide wholesome entertainment to everyone, at worst it can be boring but never offensive to anyone. Although with this definition we will end up with a lot of constraints on the Mods created we believe that constraints can bring out the best of creativity in Modders.

  • As a result, you must not upload mods with content that incites violence or hatred against any individual or group.

  • Also, you must not upload mods with copyrighted content or non-copyrighted content that cannot be used for further modding. Since all mods downloaded from Cloud Mods can be further Modded and republished to the cloud, the Mods you upload must adhere to these rules. When using content with permissions, please use “Credits” field to give credit to the content you use.

  • Should you find harmful or illegal content on Game Modder's Cloud Mods please flag it to get it reviewed and removed. Click "Menu" as it appears on the list of mods and choose "Flag".

Since we use the following products/services to provide our products and services we would like to provide more info on them:


AdMob is provided by Google Inc and we use it to deliver ads in our apps.

Please follow this link https://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662922?hl=en to learn about opt-out mechanisms. For details on data usage please visit https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/ and https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/ for privacy policy.


For issues with the game/app please write a review detailing the problem and we will do our best for a speedy response. Please note that we are constrained by resources (both human and technology) to get to your specific issue and may work on fixing issues in the order of priority. A newer version may fix it as well, consider updating your app/game if an update is available.


The game/app collects telemetry around what levels were played, what features of the game/app are being used etc, we do this so that we can understand what users (like you!) like in our app, we never collect it for identifying you personally. This allows us to prioritize our work in the order that it is most relevant to actual usage. This can be toggled from the "settings" on the main screen.


For producing free content we make use of in game/app ads, you can choose some ads settings where applicable from main screen "settings". We never show ads on paid content moreover we always strive to proved an "paid - ads - free" experience should the user choose. If you have ideas on monetizing our content without ads please reach out!